Setting up DevTools for Performance Testing


Developer tooling within browsers is more powerful than ever, but this brings its own set of problems: there’s just so much! How does it all work? Which bits do I need? What does this even do?

I bought Setting up DevTools for Performance Testing some time ago, and it’s been phenomenal for client performance results. Huge thanks.
Glen Wheeler

When I’m auditing a site’s performance, there is a large but specific subset of DevTools that I actually care about, and I need it set up just right. This allows me to work tactically and effectively, but also opens up a whole world of possibilities that many developers aren’t even aware of.

In this video course, I’m going to show you how to set up DevTools PERFectly—as forensic, accurate, and dialled in as possible. We’ll learn how to:

  • Create sensible defaults
  • Unlock new and hidden features
  • Demystify existing settings
  • Make sense of various graphs and charts
  • Investigate new workflows
  • Loads of neat tips and tricks
  • And a whole host more.

The course itself won’t make you a performance expert, but it will help you to hone and refine your tooling and workflow so that you can get there a lot faster.

I think you’re gonna like this one.

Yesterday I finished watching these videos, and I think they are worth every penny! Short, to-the-point videos. I loved the little hacks and tips to improve the developer experience ❤️
Sergio Álvarez Suárez

I want this!

A 16-part video course and all future updates!

45+ Minutes
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Setting up DevTools for Performance Testing

I want this!