Everything I Have Done to Make CSS Wizardry Fast

As a performance engineer, it’s my job to help clients build and maintain fast websites. It’s also pretty important that my own site leads by example! In this series of screencasts, I’ll walk you through every single performance-facing feature, decision, and commit that has gone into making CSS Wizardry .

While it might not be the biggest or most complex site in the world, it’s a great place for me to practice what I preach, and also makes it the perfect stage for examples, case studies, and demos. We’ll look at everything from CDNs to fonts, images to rendering, and everything in between! We’ll look at plenty of implementation-specific details that you don’t usually get in conference talks and blog posts, as well as dozens of gotchas, pro-tips, and factoids.

With no rigid structure or itinerary, you can view at your own pace, and in any order you wish. Want to skip to your favourite topic? Go right ahead!

As a huge thank you for pre-ordering the video course, use the code earlybird to get a limited pre-live 10% discount. If you have any questions about the format or any of the content, send me a DM and I’ll happily answer them.

See you soon!

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Everything I Have Done to Make CSS Wizardry Fast

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